How much of my donation goes to fund the scholarships?

We are a 100% volunteer initiative. We make every possible effort to keep our operating expenses at a minimum.

So far, during the first 4 years, we have been able to give 100% of the money received to the students who received the scholarships.

We partner with District 112 Foundation a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is also our fiscal sponsor. Because of this valuable partnership, we are able to maintain our expenses very low.

We run our crowdfunding campaigns on the GoFundMe page, which has a fee for each transaction that is recorded as a donation made with a debit or credit card. Other off-line donations are 100% passed to the scholarships.

Effective 2019 for our 5th Annual Fundraiser our Partner the District 112 Foundation will start charging a 7% service fee to donations received.

This fee is to help the Fiscal Sponsor offset their administrative costs from tasks involved by the District 112 Foundation for helping do this work.  They are a great partner and we appreciate this opportunity to continue doing what we love via the Vamos! Scholarship Program.

This means that 93% of your donation or 93 cents out of every dollar goes towards the fundraiser efforts.

Vamos! Scholarship team is still a grass-root movement and we are 100% volunteers!

How can I make a donation to the Vamos! Scholarship program?

We rather talk about making an Investment in Education.

There are several ways to donate/invest:

• Crowdfunding Campaign at GoFundMe Page:
(link will be updated every year on the homepage of this site). Credit cards or debit cards are accepted this way.
• Write a check.
Please contact us for specific instructions so we can keep track of the fundraising money and notify the appropriate individuals.

I can not make a donation at this time, but how can I support the Vamos! Scholarship program?

A great way to support the Vamos! Scholarship program is to volunteer for activities, volunteering to help at our special events, like our Annual Fundraising event.

If you are a professional and have skill sets that will help this program grow we would like to hear about you.

Please contact us. We are always looking for individuals who like to get involved with their community.

How are the Vamos! Scholarship Program recipients selected?

Because of our partnership with School District 112, we are able to offer the Vamos! Scholarship opportunities to the students along with all other scholarships available in school.

Interested students are asked to apply through the school scholarship application system and submit a short essay on how the scholarship would support their dreams. We ask that they share their story and how they see themselves giving back to the community in the future.

Below are the criteria that help select the students who will receive the Scholarship:

• Service.
• Community involvement.
• Personal story.
• Grades.

We recognize each individual is unique and different. The Vamos! Scholarship program looks to create opportunities for all based on equity and equality.

What is the Vamos! Scholarship TAX ID Number?

The Vamos! Scholarship program is a community-driven initiative.

We partner with different organizations and individuals who share the same vision of building a community that creates opportunities for Latino students and a community that is a better place for all to live.

All monetary donations are channeled through our Fiscal Sponsor District 112 Foundation a 501(c)3 nonprofit from the Easter Schools of Carver County, Minnesota.

If you would like to donate/invest in the Vamos! Scholarship and want to know more please contact us so we can properly answer your specific questions.